A contemporary method for hair restoration, RegeneraGraft™ focuses on restoring healthy, natural hair. This advanced technique produces a more aesthetically pleasing and fuller head of hair. With RegeneraGraft™, hair loss is effectively addressed by carefully removing a strip of healthy, hair-bearing scalp from the donor area, usually found at the back of the head.

Benefits of RegeneraGraft™:

Natural Hair Growth Patterns: The result is a convincing and appealing appearance because the transplanted hair from RegeneraGraft™ grows in a pattern that closely resembles natural hair growth.

Effective for Various Types of Hair Loss: RegeneraGraft™ is a versatile treatment that can effectively address various hair loss conditions, including disappearing hairlines, male pattern baldness, and other types of hair loss.

Effective Scar Management: Although a linear scar may be present at the donor site, RegeneraGraft™ incorporates advanced surgical techniques and wound closure technologies to minimize the visibility of the scar, making it a discreet and manageable aspect of the procedure.

Dr. J’s RegeneraGraft™:

Natural, long-lasting results are possible with RegeneraGraft™, under the expert guidance of Dr. J MD. Dr. J’s creative methods, commitment to patient’s health, and systematic manner guarantee a smooth and transforming experience. You can confidently rely on Dr. J for long-lasting, age-defying hair restoration.

Yes, the results of the hair transplant from RegeneraGraft™ are long-lasting and should last a lifetime.
Differentiating itself from other methods, RegeneraGraft™ is renowned for its uniform hair growth and natural appearance. It also has the benefit of having little downtime.
You can dye and style your transplanted hair just like you would your natural hair after you’ve recovered. Your physician will give instructions for post-operative care.
Any age group of people can undergo RegeneraGraft™ treatment. However, depending on a person’s unique situation, the best time to have the surgery may change.
Yes, RegeneraGraft™ is a flexible procedure that works well for treating thinning hair in both men and women. It gives people of all genders long-lasting, natural-looking results.

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